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Barclays customers can now ask Siri to make payments for them

In today's edition of companies making it all too easy for us to spend money, Barclays has added a feature to its iOS app that will debit your account after hearing you utter but a few words. Or, less sinisterly put, Barclays' mobile banking app now lets you make payments with Siri commands. Provided you've granted Apple's assistant access to your account in the app, you can transfer money to any previously known payee, or anyone in your iPhone's contact list. And you needn't worry about that annoying friend saying "Hey Siri, pay Jamie £15 with Barclays," as you still need to tap your finger to the Touch ID sensor to confirm the transfer.

Siri integration has been live in the app for a few days now, and is meant for smaller payments like your share of the dinner bill, with single transfer and daily limits to keep spending in check. Barclays boasts it's the first UK high street bank to enable Siri payments. That's technically true, though PayPal added the feature towards the end of last year and Santander added voice payments to its app in February, though it's not Siri you're asking in that instance. Siri's able to take on new tasks such as making payments thanks to Apple finally allowing other apps to talk to the assistant from last summer. And given what Google said earlier this year, its voice assistant isn't too far from acquiring a similar skillset.

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Barclays put in sensors to see which bankers are at their desks


Barclays has installed devices that track how often bankers are at their desks.

Managers were peppered with queries when investment bank staff in London discovered black boxes stuck to the underside of their desks in recent months, according to several Barclays employees who asked not to be identified speaking about their workplace. They turned out to be tracking devices called OccupEye, which use heat and motion sensors to record how long employees are spending at their posts.

There was a “phased roll-out” of the devices, and Barclays staff and the Unite union were notified before they were installed, although the bank did not send out a specific memo about them, according to spokesman Tom Hoskin. The Barclays employees said they don’t remember being informed about the boxes, but spokespeople for the bank said there have been no official human-resources complaints. Read more...

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There’s a war brewing in Japan, and the banks should pay attention

 People often use the term “time machine model” in Japan. It refers to the lag with Silicon Valley when it comes to startups and innovation. When a time machine model gains momentum locally, usually it means war. The most notable recent example of this is the war of the news apps. Now there is a similar war brewing in Japan; this time it is for mobile P2P payments. Read More
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Instant bank transfers are coming to PayPal and Venmo

 PayPal announced this morning a plan to speed up money transfers between its service, Venmo and users’ bank accounts for those with supported MasterCard and Visa debit cards. This new “instant transfers” service will be available at a rate of $0.25 per transaction, and will deliver funds in a matter of minutes, instead of the day or so it typically takes when using PayPal… Read More
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