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Someone actually created a live feed of Trump’s tweets as artwork for his living room


Think you've had enough of @realDonaldTrump? Try stepping into your living room and having a live feed of the president's hotly debated tweets on your wall. No need to turn on the news, no need to open your Twitter app — or any other form of social media. All you have to do is look at your wall.  

Sound appealing? Well, maybe not. But for one man from Sweden, it's a long-term project that's finally come to fruition.

Tech enthusiast Peder Dinkelspiel has created a screen that can display a live feed of Trump's tweets right on his living room wall with the help of Visionect, a digital sign company, and E Ink technology.  Read more...

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The Senate GOP’s ‘cruel’ healthcare bill can’t escape from Seth Meyers’ fury


After weeks of secrecy surrounding the Senate GOP's healthcare bill, a draft was finally released Thursday. As predicted, it makes cuts to Medicaid, gets rid of essential health benefits, and eliminates the mandate that every American have health insurance.

On Thursday's Late Night, host Seth Meyers drew parallels between President Donald Trump's Wednesday speech in Iowa — in which he said he didn't want a "poor person" working on the economy in his cabinet — and the GOP healthcare bill. Read more...

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