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The wearable market is far from dead — it’s finally entering a new age


So... you know how everyone's been saying wearables are on the way out, or already dead? 

You should probably call off the funeral. If new projections pan out, the market for the gadgets is heating up, and it's only going to get hotter.  

Research firm IDC's latest wearables report estimated that global wearable vendors will ship a whopping 125.5 million devices this year, a 20.4 percent increase from the 104.3 million units thought to have shipped in 2016. But this year is just the start of the wearable renaissance — IDC forecasts major growth in the space going forward, predicting that the international market will nearly double to 240.1 million shipments by 2021.     Read more...

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Future Family wants to give women a more affordable option in fertility treatments

 In 2016, the scales tipped toward more moms having kids in their 30’s than in their 20’s for the first time. However, those closer to 40 than 30 face higher risks than their younger counterparts. Add to that one in every eight couples, regardless of age, have some type of fertility issue in the U.S. More couples are now looking at their options with IVF and other fertility… Read More Comments closed

DeepMind Health inks another 5-year NHS app deal in face of ongoing controversy

 DeepMind Health, the division of the Google-owned AI company that’s applying machine learning to medical data in the hopes of profiting from diagnostic gain, has inked another services agreement with the UK’s National Health Service — expanding the deployment of its alerts, messaging and task management app, Streams. Read More Comments closed

Facebook changes mission statement to “bring the world closer together”

 “Making the world more open and connected” had one fundamental flaw: it didn’t push for any specific positive outcome from more connection. Technically, it could encompass digital voyeurism via the News Feed, trading in-person friendship for online acquaintanceship, or the filter bubbles and echospheres that have further polarized the United States. So today, as Facebook… Read More
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