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The 9 funniest lines from a coal kingpin’s lawsuit against John Oliver


John Oliver is facing the legal wrath of a lawsuit-happy coal baron after a brutal segment in which the host tore into the American coal industry.

The document accuses Oliver of a "ruthless character assassination" of Robert Murray, CEO of the nation's largest coal mining operation, Murray Energy.

It didn't exactly come as a surprise; in fact, Oliver more or less dared the notoriously litigious coal boss by mocking an earlier cease-and-desist letter from his company on the show. And at least one first amendment lawyer has said Murray doesn't have much of a leg to stand on. Read more...

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John Oliver goes on epic rant about Trump’s promise to help coal miners


Although there are many good ranters out there on the internet, no-one does ranting quite like John Oliver.

This week his sights are firmly set on Donald Trump — and, more specifically, his promise to help coal miners.

"If Trump really cares about miners he would be putting a plan in place for their futures as mining continues its long-term decline," says Oliver during a segment for Last Week Tonight

"But he isn't doing that."

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Angry John Oliver slams U.S. media for ‘insulting’ coverage of London attack


As a British person living in America, John Oliver had a few things to say after the terror attack in London on Saturday night.

During Sunday's Last Week Tonight, the comedian took aim at reports on CNN, Fox News, and The New York Times saying that Britain was "reeling" after the attack. 

“OK, here’s the thing: For the record, in no way is Britain ‘under siege,’” he said. 

“Is it upset? Yes. Is it pissed off? Oh, you fucking bet it’s pissed off. But to say it’s ‘under siege’ and that its people are ‘reeling’ is to imply that it’s somehow weak enough to be brought to its knees by three monumental assholes. And that, as an idea, is insulting.” Read more...

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Stephen Colbert’s ‘Daily Show’ reunion was just as glorious as we’d all hoped


We were promised a reunion of "the best f*ckin news team ever," and that's exactly what we received.

During a special episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night, Samantha Bee, Jon Stewart, Ed Helms, Rob Corddry and John Oliver joined Colbert on the sofa for a trip down memory lane.

From stories about being chased by the KKK to a re-enactment of Stephen Colbert's last day on The Daily Show, the whole thing was just as awesome as we'd hoped. Read more...

First, here's an insight into Jon Stewart's new life:

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