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‘Star Wars’ diamond encrusted Yoda brings The Force to your wallet


There's a limit to the level of Star Wars fan obsession we can accept before we are forced to question whether or not you're missing a few midi-chlorians. 

Such is the case with the latest piece of Star Wars fan swag that comes to us in the form of a gold, diamond encrusted pendant currently up for auction online. 

Heritage Auctions, the site offering the piece for sale, is looking for up to $3,500 for the sci-fi bling. 

What you get for your movie geek dollars is a gold, Yoda-shaped pendant (described as "a delightful interpretation of Star Wars legendary Jedi Master, Yoda") laced with over 100 diamonds, colored diamonds, and sapphires.  Read more...

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Ron Howard gently reminds you that he’s been a ‘Star Wars’ fan for longer than you have


Ron Howard is ready to talk. 

The newly installed director of the Han Solo spinoff has spoken up to express how "grateful" he is to join Star Wars after being a fan of franchise for "forever."

Howard was announced as the new director of the movie just yesterday, after original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller split over "creative differences." Their departure came as a shock, since the film was already several months into shooting with just weeks to go.

Speaking at the Cannes Lions advertising and media conference, Howard offered a little reminder that he's been a Star Wars fan for at least as long as you have. Read more...

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Cap off your summer with stunning ‘Star Wars’ concert series


What could possibly be more epic than Star Wars? Only watching it in a massive theater with live music. The New York Philharmonic is presenting its first-ever Star Wars concert series in September, featuring all three original films and The Force Awakens set to their iconic scores.

Starting Sept. 15, a handful of tickets are still available to see A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, and The Force Awakens. Tickets start sat $65, but that's a movie plus a concert, packaged into one. Read more...

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Ron Howard is the perfect choice to fix Han Solo. Here’s why.


News that Ron Howard would take over from Phil Lord and Chris Miller as the directors of the untitled Han Solo movie was greeted with cheers and relief in the halls of Lucasfilm. 

As far as this company is concerned, Howard isn't just an Oscar-winning director, a safe pair of hands who has been behind the camera for as long as Star Wars has been a thing (quite literally; his first feature was released in 1977). 

To them, he's royalty.

Howard played the biggest of the four leads in Lucasfilm's first ever hit, American Graffiti, back in 1973 when it was a struggling indie shop with four employees. Without Graffiti, Star Wars simply would not exist. 20th Century Fox would never have taken a chance on George Lucas without seeing it, and Lucas would never have had the unexpected windfall that funded early development of Star Wars while the Fox board was dragging its heels.  Read more...

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Ron Howard will direct the ‘Star Wars’ Han Solo spinoff


Ron Howard is going to go see a Star War.

He has been set as the new director of the Star Wars Han Solo spinoff, just days after original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller departed over "creative differences."

Lord and Miller's exit was especially shocking since the production was well underway – filming had begun in January, and there were just weeks left to go on the shoot. It's almost unheard of for a movie to replace its director that far into the process. 

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy commented on Howard's hiring in a statement: Read more...

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