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Disney brings esports to TV in a major move


Entertainment behemoth Disney made two big moves this week in the world of competitive gaming. 

Disney announced their investment in one of the most prominent esports team organizations in North America, and that they will air a portion of a Super Smash Bros. tournament and a Street Fighter tournament this weekend on its TV channel Disney XD.

Disney revealed a series of investments Tuesday, Variety reported, including an investment in aXiomatic, an ownership group with a majority stake in the esports team organization Team Liquid. Team Liquid has successful teams and players in a multitude of competitive games including League of Legends, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros., and Counter-Strike. This investment alone doesn't mean too much for Disney in terms of its relationship with esports, but paired with the news that it will be airing tournaments on its own TV channel is pretty huge. Read more...

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