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In autonomous driving, real-world testing is taking a backseat


To date, some of the hottest players in the autonomous arena have put their energy into driving endless miles in order to fine-tune their AI-based technology. It’s time consuming and expensive, and most approved test driving sites have been in parts of the world with sunny skies and dry roads, hardly indicative of common driving conditions. 

With this mile-by-mile method, it’s hard to imagine self-driving could become commonplace anytime soon.  

However, there is another approach to training and tuning AI for optimized self-driving - cutting-edge simulators that enhance deep learning and offer any number of driving scenarios to train the AI, helping to bring autonomous vehicles (AVs) to market in a more reasonable timeline. The newest approaches to self-driving recognize that by relying on a simulated testing environment, development gets an enormous boost in terms of cost, time, and safety.  Read more...

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